Santa Visits Oakland
By Photographer Frank Di Pentima
December 19, 2020

It was the perfect cold wintery day. Just the kind of day our favorite visitor from the North Pole likes and Santa once again took time out of his busy schedule and made a visit to Oakland.

This year's visit was different from past years because of the Covid pandemic. Instead of Santa being able to stop and chat with all of the children and families who come out to see him, the members of the Oakland Volunteer Fire Department drove Santa to nearly every street within the Borough. Some streets were a bit too narrow to travel down due to leftover snow from the past weeks storm, but all in all the event was a great success.

Santa and the members of the Oakland Volunteer Fire Department were overwhelmed by the turn out from the community; especially given the particular chilly weather that was present on Saturday. It was fun to see how many neighbors set up lawn chairs and tables with hot chocolate and treats as they waited patiently for the big man to drive by. One family even had a nice fire going in their driveway using a wood burring stove. Santa almost had us stop for a bit just so he could warm his hands and toes by the fire, but there were more streets to visit so the Santa train pressed on.

It was a great event and the overwhelmingly positive comments the OVFD have received on Facebook posts in various Oakland groups has warmed the hearts, hand and feet, of Oakland's all volunteer fire department.

Thanks to everyone who turned out to wave and welcome Santa to town. And especially to all the kids who made signs and yelled out "we love you Santa". Some adults' were also yelling "I love You Santa" and Santa told us to say to you all - right back at ya!.

And to those frisky few who playfully threw some snowballs towards Santa - you may have just moved your name to the Naughty list. But with a week to go before he comes back for his official Christmas Eve visit, you probably have enough time to get back on the Nice list. Remember he's always watching!

We hope you enjoy the pictures and videos from today's event.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All - from the Oakland Volunteer Fire Department.

Stay safe and remember to wear your mask and social distance. We will get through this together.

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Tara December 20, 2020 at 5:36 PM
OFD is the best! You all really helped to spread that extra bit of holiday cheer that we all needed ever so badly- especially this year!! Y'all are truly a blessing to this borough, thank you again for this and everything you do to keep this community safe and happy!