Christmas Morning Mutual Aid
By Firefighter Patrick Kellett
January 1, 2020

While most were sleeping awaiting the arrival of Santa, a handful of your Oakland neighbors were called to assist another community.

At 5:11 am on Christmas morning, the Oakland Volunteer Fire Department responded to Arzee Building Supply Center in Mahwah to assist in extinguishing the 5 alarm fire.

Company 1 members responded on Truck 1041 and Company 2 members responded on Engine 1034. Upon arrival into Mahwah the crew of Engine 1034 were put right to work. After initially being held in staging, the crew of Truck 1041 was directed into the scene and put to work.

Both Oakland crews returned back to the Borough and their families after spending over five hours battling this fire.

Over 20 departments from New Jersey and New York responded to assist the Mahwah Fire Department.

Units: 1034 & 1041